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Welcome to Vom Kampfgeistes German Shepherd Dogs

When I was two years old, my family acquired my first German Shepherd dog Luger von Cloppenburg. Luger was very true to the German standard. His loyalty and love for his family was admirable. I started training Luger as a child and we grew up together. After his passing, I decided that I wanted to be a Police K9 handler and train police dogs.

In 2014, I began a new path and bought Wyncester Von Bullinger from a Canadian showline breeder. I immediately started in the three phase dog sport of IGP, also known as Schutzhund (protection dog). While Wyncester did not have the fighting spirit it took to excel in the protection phase, he taught me the ropes and I fell in love with the lifestyle, and the sport. We achieved a BH title together, and he retired to be our family pet.

Fast forward to 2017 Bay vom Bhoudakin came into my life, an 8 week old working line German shepherd. Bay was a talent and probably made me look like a far better handler than I was at the time. We travelled Canada together with great trainers, grew and learned together. It took a village but we achieved BH, my first ever IGP 1 and IGP2. In IGP 1, we won a high score for tracking (96) and in IGP 2 won 1st place.

I have spent a considerable amount of time educating myself, studying lines, pedigrees, and talking to other breeders across the world. It is impossible to see what’s out there if we limit ourselves to North American borders. In 2023, I went on a journey to Austria and visited the world famous kennel Haus Pixner, I learned and took away more than I could imagine. Our dog Gator also completed four months of training at this kennel. In 2023 I also attended the BSP German IGP nationals and had the unique opportunity to see Germany's most successful dog teams. I was the only Canadian in attendance. After returning from Austria with Gator I traveled on three separate occasions to Germany to hand pick dogs for clients and myself. These trips resulted in our new female Evi von Frankonia. Evi's pedigree was selected carefully for a special combination with our Gator vom Haus Velipoja.

I admire dogs with strong character and natural, fighting spirit. There are many mediocre dogs, and my aim is to only breed such quality that makes improvements in character and conformation to the German Shepherd breed. Not just a dog for sport and the ego, but a dog that will give notable loyalty, expressive and joyful work for their handler and family.

These dogs are my legacy, each one has brought something special to my life, and I hope their offspring bring something just as special to yours.

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