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Gator vom Haus Velipoja

Excellent Hips/ Normal Elbows

DM Clear

Gator is a 90 pound black and tan male with a large head. Gator is very strong for protection work and has great balance in drives. A strong desire to please his handler and extreme drive for obedience and tracking. At home Gator is also a perfect pet. Gator is neutral with other dogs and a lover for children. Gator completed four months of training in Wippenham, Austria at the famous Austrian kennel von Haus Pixner and handled by Roland Haselmaier. Impressively, Roland placed in 6th place at the WUSV world Championships in 2021 in Lerma, Spain.

Gators father Olsen was bred by the famous and historic kennel "vom leipheimer Moore" owned by Elmer Mannes. Olsen was born in 1991, and would be 33 years old today. Olsen's semen was frozen and kept for 26 years to make this breeding possible by a Canadian breeder "vom haus Velipoja." Olsen's bloodline was the foundation to create some of the best working dogs today. Olsens father "Ilko vom Peko Hause (also owned by Elmer Mannes) produced top dogs including Fenja Vom Haus Pixner and Laines Vom Leipheimer Moore. Gators mother lines also include important dogs such as Taro Von Burg Tiersperg, Orlo von Der Neuen Klus and Sid Vom Haus Pixner.


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