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Evi von Frankonia

IGP1 97 82 97 LÜW 0 OCD 0 Gekört 2022/2023


Evi is a medium sized, all black female imported from Germany and personally picked up and chosen by our kennel. Evi has very strong fighting spirit and a hard temperment. Evi is the true example of what a female German Shepherd is. Very well tempered with the family, and other male dogs. Evi is a very dominant bitch and has full, hard crushing grips on the sleeve. Evi has very high drive for obedience and willingness to please her handler. Evi has active offspring in Germany being used for sport training and Police Canines. Evi has a perfect pedigree, with many big name dogs such as Endy von Karthago, Janko vom vorwerkswald, kara vom Weinbergblick, Mona vom Haus Pixner (sister to the famous Mary vom Haus Pixner), Troll Vom Haus Milinda, and many more. The most impressive component to Evi's Pedigree is the 4/4 inbreeding on one of the best German Shepherds of all time Ernst vom Weinbergblick. Please Contact us for more information about Evi.

Evis Pedigree

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