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Bay Vom Bhoudakin

Bay Vom Bhoudakin Aka Shrimpy is a medium sized female with extreme drive for obedience. While very driven in tracking, calm and thoughtful. Shrimpy earned 96 points in her IGP 1 and earned High in tracking. In Shrimpys IGP 2, She earned First place IGP 2 and finished with A 86 B 78 and C 90. Shrimpy had extreme fight and determination in the protection phase and always had a full and hard grip. While her obedience routine in this trial was near perfect, A small error on the A frame cost us 15 points. Shrimpy has 8 offspring, and many trial in IGP sport. Shrimpy threw exceptional offspring and a dog to look for in the future in competitions is Aqua Vom Kampfgeistes. Shrimpy was a once in a lifetime dog, and she had the best qualities. Shrimpy was neutral with everything and had the strongest nerve of any German Shepherd I have met. Although Shrimpy is retired her tenacity lives through her offspring.

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